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Calgary Pet Euthanasia

There are few events in a pet owner’s life that are more heartbreaking than deciding that it’s time to say goodbye to a beloved dog or cat. Our animals are more than just pets; they are also friends and family members, and life without them can be impossible to imagine. It is sometimes just as distressing or even more distressing however to watch a pet suffer when you know that you can end that suffering, which is where pet euthanasia in Calgary comes in.

If you live in Calgary, you do have a number of options as far as what you choose to do to euthanize your dog or cat. Looking online in a local pet euthanasia directory, you’ll find a number of local veterinary medical clinics that perform pet euthanasia process. One option that has become popular is at-home euthanasia services, a service offered by Calgary Mobile Veterinary company, Vets To Go.

What can the Calgary mobile vet service Vets To Go do for you? One of the hardest parts of pet euthanasia is trying to decide whether it’s the right time to perform euthanasia or not. Since you cannot ask your pet, the best guidance you can receive at this difficult time is to ask for informed veterinary advice.  Calgary Mobile Vet veterinarians from Vets To Go can visit you in and your pet in the comfort of your home, where your pet feels the safest and happiest, and can help you determine whether your pet’s remaining good days outnumber the bad days.

There is nothing in the world that can take away from the pain of having to say goodbye to your pet, but as any pet owner who has experienced a traumatic euthanasia service in the past can tell you, there are certainly things which can add to it. Euthanasia is a traumatic enough experience without having your pet somewhere they don’t feel comfortable. After the event, looking back, most pet owners feel much better about the decision to say goodbye to their dog or cat in the warm and familiar environment where they enjoyed sharing their life with their pet.

Any complete veterinary guide in Calgary will point to at-home euthanasia services like those offered by Vets To Go.  Your appointment begins with a phone consultation where you can ask any questions you might have, and then an in-home visit. Even short notice appointments can usually be accommodated; the Calgary Mobile Vet team at Vets To Go know how difficult it can be to schedule an appointment around work as well, and can usually find a way to come in on a weekend or in the evening after work if that is what you need to do.


Calgary Mobile Vet – Vets To Go places priority on clients that require at-home pet euthanasia services, so if you are facing the difficult decision of whether to euthanize your pet, contact Vets To Go at 1-888-995-8387 and let us help you make it through this difficult time.

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